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Although we’d love to help all businesses thrive, RMMFI cannot support any business that falls into any of the below categories:

  • Marijuana and cannabis-related businesses (including businesses primarily engaged in the manufacture or sale of products containing CBD)
  • Tobacco shops, liquor stores, or bars where alcohol sales are more than 50% of sales
  • Pawn shops or other businesses where lending is a primary activity
  • Businesses engaged in illegal, disreputable or otherwise questionable activities such as (but not limited to): gambling, prostitution, firearms sale or manufacture, and pornography;
  • Businesses deemed to be predatory or detrimental to the community
  • Businesses primarily involved in rental or investment real estate (including house flippers and ground-up real estate developers)
  • Businesses involved in speculative activities that develop profits from fluctuations in price rather than through the normal course of trade
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations
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RMMFI only provides services to entrepreneurs who make at/below the following income levels by household size: 
Income Limits by Household Size
1 Person
2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
6 People
7 People
8 People
$52,000 or less
$59,440 or less
$66,880 or less
$74,240 or less
$80,240 or less
$86,160 or less
$92,080 or less
 $98,000 or less

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