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Weight Loss Contract

​Staying accountable to yourself is of utmost importance when trying to meet a goal! The secret for achieving goals in the end, truly lies in the beginning! In other words, you need to make sure the goals you set are realistic and achievable. 

We encourage you to fill in the contact below, set realistic amounts and timeframes and we'll email you a copy of your agreement. 

I, (enter your name & email below), agree to perform everything as to complete the following weight loss goal: *This question is required.
(please enter numerical data only)
(a short term goal is defined as 10-15% of your total weight loss, at 1-2 pounds per week)
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
(a long term goal is defined as total weight loss, if desired, beyond the short term goal)
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
(to determine your Real-Why,  you might start with, "i want to look better" -- then ask yourself "why do I want to look better?" - continue asking yourself "why" until there are no more answers!)
Read the following statement: 

I, (state your name), hereby commit to starting today to achieve the weight loss that I know I want and need to feel good about myself. I hereby take sole responsibility for my weight and am willing to make permanent changes in my diet and exercise habits and to focus on self care, in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Starting today and moving forward, I will no longer be denied the success I deserve. This is an important day in my life, the day I make the final commitment to do what needs to be done, to consistently focus on my goal and eat healthy, every hour, every day, every week moving forward. I will no longer make excuses or justify an unhealthy diet or other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

I understand that my weight loss goal is going to be reached by developing new healthy habits overtime. I understand that I will not have to settle with my current weight. I have the power to change my relationship with food and with myself, to one that supports my desire for a new healthy lifestyle.
(type your name to sign your contract)
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.