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Language services market in Finland - 2018


This research project provides translation companies, buyers, universities with the following information:

  1. Finland's market size estimate in euros
  2. 3-year growth projection
  3. The number of people employed in language services in Finland
  4. How demand for language specialists is going to evolve past 2020
  5. Finland's most successful language service businesses & models
  6. Technology use and development: CAT-tools, Finnish-built machine translation, TMS and remote interpreting apps
  7. Opportunities for language innovation
  8. Local market challenges
  9. Comparison with other countries

You will receive a copy of the presentation if you take part in the survey. Findings will be presented at the SKY meeting in September this year.


Take this survey if you represent a translation company headquartered in Finland. 
  • Allocate approximately 15 minutes.
  • Skip questions you don't wish to answer.
  • We will publish only industry averages and statistics. Your individual company information will not be revealed.

SKY - Finnish Association of language services providers   Nimdzi -  an independent research company