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Primary Health Care Nurse Workforce Survey 2018

What we're doing
APNA is taking a snapshot of the nurse workforce in primary health care. We have been surveying the primary health care nurse workforce since 2004.

Why we're doing it
There's no other source of information about the primary health care nurse workforce like this.

For APNA to represent and advocate for nurses working in primary health care, we need to understand the capacity, conditions and experience of the workforce. When we're talking with policy-makers and decision-makers, we need to have the evidence to prove our case.

We reflect this information back to you, so you are equipped to make change in your world; discussing your pay and conditions, negotiating to expand your scope, understanding where you are positioned compared to your peers – this is the benchmark for you to consider and plan your professional growth.

Why we need you
The more nurses who take part, the better it represents the reality of the workforce.

We know it takes precious time to complete this survey, but this is your profession, your workforce, your colleagues, and we are stronger when we work together. 

The nitty gritty
  • This online survey will take around 25 minutes – longer if you’re watching tv at the same time. 
  • You will be asked about your professional experience, your current role, working conditions and workplace satisfaction. 
  • Please complete this on a desktop computer rather than tablet or mobile phone. There is a combination of tick box questions and short answers.
  • All responses are anonymous and no individual will be identified in any part of the research.
Ready? Ok, let’s go.