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We Want to Hear From You!

Help Shape Future IFFGD Programs & Services

We invite you to participate in IFFGD's Patient Panel, a panel of patients, family members, and friends interested in helping shape IFFGD's future by providing input to help guide IFFGD's programs and services and/or participating in IFFGD-sponsored programs and events. 

At IFFGD, we are committed to improving the lives of people affected by chronic and underserved gastrointestinal (GI) disorders by raising public awareness, improving education, supporting and encouraging research, and advocating for the needs of patients in Washington. Whether you or a loved one has a chronic GI disorder, you know the effects the symptoms can have on daily life and are uniquely able to speak to the needs of those affected.

As we grow, we will look to the Patient Panel to provide insight into how we can best address the issues most important to the digestive health patient community.

Participation in the IFFGD Patient Panel is voluntary. You will not be asked to make a commitment of time and can refuse any requests for input or participation. If you indicate that you are interested in joining, you agree to receive periodic communications announcing opportunities for participation, such as:
  • Identifying the needs and concerns of individuals affected by a chronic GI disorder and their loved ones
  • Providing feedback on IFFGD programs and services
  • Participating in future IFFGD research, education, advocacy, and/or awareness events
  • Acting as ambassadors for digestive health in your communities
Thank you for your dedication to the digestive health community and for your consideration of helping support us further.


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Thank you for your willingness to help shape IFFGD's future programs and services by joining the IFFGD Patient Panel. To help us match opportunities for feedback and participation to your specific areas of interest, we would like to gather some general information about you and your diagnosis or the diagnosis of your family member or friend with a chronic GI disorder. Your answers are confidential and will not be disclosed by IFFGD unless we are granted permission.   *This question is required.
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