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Shaler Township Parks and Recreation Survey

Shaler Township Parks & Recreation Survey

1. Are you a resident of Shaler Township?
2. How many years have you lived in Shaler Township?
2. The Township of Shaler has 11 parks, which range from small parklets to the 93-acre Fall Run Park nature area. The focus park is Kiwanis Park with Crawford Pool and the many community celebrations hosted there including Community Day with fireworks, Fall Fest, Movies in the Park, and pool parties.
How many times have you visited the parks in the last year?
Space Cell 0 times1 - 10 timesMore than 10 times
Denny Park 1198 Anderson Road
Fall Run Park 187 Fall Run Road
Farrell Field Park 1150 Etna Ave
Fawcett Fields 485 McElheny Road
Duss Park 380 Friday Road
Ellen Hughes Park 3225 Greenfield Road
Kiwanis Park 1 Meyer Road
Richter Park 25 Kenneth Drive
Stoneridge Park 807 Dressel Road
Vienna Woods Parklet 143 Danube Drive
Gally Park Evergreen Ave
3. Please check all of the reasons that prevent you or your family members from using the park and recreation facilities/programs offered by the Township