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Thriving in a World of Digital Learning Survey 2018 [Singapore edition]


Technology has brought massive transformation in how we get things done. It’s no longer possible for organisations to be stationary or rely on traditional learning methods to support their workforce.

In a fast-changing world, the fast-agile learner wins!

The “Thriving in a World of Digital Learning” Survey will help you assess your digital learning strategy and establish what you need to do moving forward.

Watch this 1.5-minute video to learn more about this survey.

All data, including the individual sources, will be treated with confidentiality. We are interested in the data, and will not report, directly, or indirectly the data by company respondents.

If you have already received this survey and have already responded - Thank you! Please ignore this questionnaire.

A quick note on terminology
  • “Digital learning solutions” refers to the use of online technology to enhance learning before, during or after blended learning programmes.
  • The survey refers to the L&D function, recognising that HR may take ultimate responsibility.
The 8-minute survey begins on the following page.

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