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Advocacy Interest Survey

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In order to further expand the capacity of UPPO, and in particular the GRAC committee, in its ability to quickly address the growing number of legislative changes that are reflected in or inspired by the Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act of 2016 (“RUUPA”), GRAC is seeking to gauge your interest in possibly participating in future initiatives that are presented to the Committee for assistance. These initiatives usually require a short-term but focused commitment to help in response to specific bills that are proposed in the various states. 

Your involvement may include 1) review of questions that need research and commentary; 2) drafting of white papers pertaining to topics of specific interest; 3) assistance in the drafting and distribution of letters that are sent to various legislators or other government officials; or 4) any other matter of particular importance relating to the specific bill language.

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2. Are you interested and willing to assist the GRAC committee with future short-term projects, should the committee's need for resources in you area of expertise become necessary? *This question is required.