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2018 CMMA Nominations

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2. Cupcake Award Nomination 

Is there someone who is amazing at decorating cupcakes? Someone who really thinks about design on top of a cupcake and can produce remarkable creations whether it be single cupcakes or a collection? This category is for anyone who has shown real flair or impressive design when presenting their cupcakes. You may nominate a single cupcake or a collection of up to 12 cakes. 
3.  Sculpted Cake Award Nomination - Sponsored by Renshaw Academy

Is there someone who is excelling in innovative, challenging or intricately sculpted cakes? This category celebrates cake that is carved or sculpted and is not your regular geometric shaped cake. We are looking for cakers who are not afraid to use their imagination and push the boundaries of convention.
4. Best Cookie Award Nomination - Sponsored by Japan Salonaise Association
From hand-painted masterpieces to 3D creations, cookies are a showcase for some amazing decorating and sugarcraft techniques on a biscuit base. You may nominate a single decorated cookie or a collection of up to 12 cookies.
5. Royal Icing Award Nomination
Royal iced decoration is a true art form and thankfully a form of decoration that is very much used today. In your eyes, who is a master of the art of royal icing and has dazzled you with their delicate skill and precision?
6. Wedding Cake Award Nomination - Sponsored by Renshaw
Traditional or modern, contemporary or floral – has anyone’s wedding cake style and decoration caught your eye this year? We really want to know who is the very best-of-the-best when it comes to wedding cakes!
7. Sugar Flowers Award Nomination - Sponsored by Squires Kitchen

This category recognises beautiful sugar flowers. Traditionally on wedding cakes, sugar flowers are a perfect decoration for any celebration cake. Who gets your vote when it comes to beautiful realistic sugar flowers?
8. Modelling Excellence Award Nomination 
This category recognises the superb decorations created to adorn celebration cakes. Whether it be a perfect bride and groom or fascinating miniature creations, whose dexterous modelling skills and attention to detail have made you gasp? Nominations can be for modelling skills in any medium that adorns a cake, edible and non-edible.
9. Rising Star Award Nomination 

We want you to nominate someone who is really starting to excel in their creative field. Maybe someone new to the industry, or someone in the industry who you have recently started to notice a lot more... even someone who is showing strong improvement in their creations. We want to know, who you think is deserving of this award and will be someone to look out for in the future!
10. Best Product 2018 Award Nomination - Sponsored by Cake International
This award recognises the product that you love using, maybe new this year, or something that you just cannot live without. A cutter, mould, modelling tool, decorative items, perhaps an ingredient or a baking tool - what product do you love the most? 
11. Collaboration Cake Award Nomination 
Collaborations are a great way of bringing talented cake artists from all over the world together, creating amazing cakes to a theme or for a certain cause.  Collaborations can be nominated for their overall visual impact and individual pieces. Which collaboration has really caught your attention? Collaborations launched in the months of July 2017 to June 2018 will be considered.
12. Best Magazine Cover Award Nomination

Cake Masters Magazine cover stars from July 2017 to June 2018. Who do you think had the best cover during this period? 
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13. Best Learning Experience Award Nomination 
Have you taken a class, attended a workshop, or followed an online course and come away feeling a massive sense of achievement? This category is to identify and congratulate any teacher, school or online resource that delivers real value and skills in an easily accessible way.
14. Best Show Piece Award Nomination - Sponsored by Roxy & Rich

An award to recognise the outstanding talent, creativity and courage needed to create a show-stopping piece. Whether it was made for an exhibition or a PR stunt, these show pieces push the boundaries of edible art in a huge way.
15. Cake Hero Award Nomination - Sponsored by Fractal Colors

The cake world is full of fabulous, creative and fascinating people. Vote for your celebrity cake crush, the caker that you stalk the most on social media or just someone who is your hero!
16. Best Cake Show 

With so many amazing cake shows around the globe, this award is for the organisers of the best cake show. Organising an event that brings together cake artists, vendors with the best products, competitions and even interactive elements is a huge task. Which cake show will you nominate?
17.  Best Retailer Award Nomination - Sponsored by Rainbow Dust

With so many retailers serving our community, which retailer do you feel best serves your needs? Who is the best in terms of affordability, stock, delivery, customer service and variety? This category is open to both online and store-based retailers worldwide.
18. Cake Artist of the Year Award Nomination - Sponsored by The Cake Decorating Company

The cake world is full of fabulous, creative and inspiring people. Cake Artist of the Year is a very special award given out by our Editor, Roise Mazumder. Who do you think deserves this 2018 title? We would love to know what you think!