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Pet Owners and Non-Pet Owners


I am an undergraduate student at York University. My name is Laura Muntean and I can be contacted at I am taking the course Psychology 4170.

I am working on a project in which I need to collect information on how pet owners relate to their pets and possible differences in personal feelings between pet owners and non-pet owners. I am therefore asking if you would agree to participate in my research by answering the following questionnaire.

The questionnaire has 43 questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

You do not have to participate at all, or, even if you agree now, you can terminate your participation at any time without prejudice. You may omit particular questions if you choose.

Your name will not be attached to the questionnaire, and I will insure that your participation remains confidential. This study is being undertaken as part of my course-related assignment to undertake a research project on pet ownership.

I can tell you that your responses may be included in the paper I will write at the conclusion of this research assignment. A benefit you may experience by participating in this survey is greater knowledge of the experience of having a pet. Your participation will help increase knowledge of a fairly small field of study at the moment.

By participating in this interview, you risk being upset by some of the questions or being made uncomfortable by the interview process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my professor, Dr. Janice Johnson at

Please click to indicate that you have read and understood the nature and purpose of the study. Your selection of the "I agree" option indicates your willingness to participate in this study.

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