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NYC Service Volunteer Collaborative Registration_Staten Island

Do you want to engage more volunteers in your mission?

Join the NYC Service Volunteer Collaborative as we convene with local organizations in Staten Island for our Neighborhood Kickoff. Here, you will gain new insights into how NYC Service can help you strengthen your volunteer program(s). This session will help you to learn more about NYC Service and the resources that we offer to organizations.

Neighborhood Kickoff – Take advantage of opportunities that are locally based that will provide you with the time and the space to plan how you can improve your volunteer programming. In this session you will receive an orientation about NYC Service and how you can use our resources to assist your organization. 

Benefits to Participating:
Our Kickoff will place priority on collecting/sharing information on what can help strengthen your organization. Also, we will deliver a training that enables participating CBOs’ to easily contribute information, generate discussion and information sharing surrounding making an impact in the neighborhood. The goal of this Kickoff is for you to:

  • Learn about the tools and resources that NYC Service has available for you;
  • Register for info sessions/trainings that are of interest to you and will assist with bolstering your organization and volunteer program(s)
  • Help connect with other organizattions to help strengthen the community;
  • Dedicated time to reflect on your volunteer program.
When:  October 4th 10:00am-12:00pm
Where: Staten Island Stapleton Library:132 Canal St, Staten Island, NY 10304