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Mystery Case - Answers Due September 17, 2018

Neurology® Resident & Fellow Mystery Case

August 27, 2018

New Mystery Case!

A 2-month old girl with difficulty swallowing

Adapted from a NeuroImage by N Bilgin, S Parlak, PO Simsek-Kiper, M Topcu, and H Topaloglu. This case will be published in full format in the November 27, 2018, issue of Neurology. Please enter your demographic details at the end of the Mystery Case to help us better track responses (demographic information will remain anonymous). To receive recognition for your responses, enter your name and affiliation (optional). This information may be displayed, along with your number of correct answers, on the public website if you enter the most correct answers within one year.


A 2-month old baby girl was evaluated for swallowing difficulties. She had an unremarkable birth history. On exam, she had normal suck, Moro, and grasp reflexes but could not swallow. There was sagging of her soft palate. She had a right ear hearing impairment.


 MRI Brain slices (T2) obtained at 13 days of life are shown below. What are the key findings seen on imaging? (select all that apply)


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