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FEPPP Application to be a Presenter

The Financial Education Public-Private Partnership (FEPPP) is developing a statewide speakers bureau for Washington educators to access financial education topic experts for classroom presentations. This survey will provide the information necessary for teachers to obtain the most relevant speakers for their classrooms. Thank you for your application.

1. Are you the contact and presenter?
Age Group(s) You Provide Financial Education To
Communities Your Financial Education Program Reaches
Are you willing to present:
(Check all that apply)
Type of Outreach
Types of Outreach
Topics You Provide Financial Education About
2. Region/Cities You Are Willing To Do In-Classroom Workshops
Does Your Presentation/Curriculum Align to Washington's Financial Education Standards?
Some Schools Require You to Pass a Background Check - Have You Already Completed One?
If You Have Not Already Completed A Background Check, Are You Willing To if Required by a School or School  District?
3. Some schools districts require proof of Covid-19 vaccination.  Are you willing to provide that proof to the school/school district?