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Winter 2019 LVM | Global Goodness Awards

Global Goodness honors furniture, home décor and gift companies who have incorporated sustainable practices and social responsibility into product manufacturing. These honorees have had positive impact on people and communities around the world.
The program is open to all Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market permanent or temporary exhibitors.

Sharing your story provides the opportunity for additional exposure and media attention. This exposure can drive
traffic to your showroom or booth and create goodwill amongst the industry.

A voting committee consisting of prominent industry experts will select two stories best representing
Global Goodness as well as one additional People’s Choice Award selected via social media to be recognized at the
January 2019 Las Vegas Market with:
• Recognition signage for showroom or booth
• Stories will be posted on
• Press release announcing winners

Deadline for completed submissions is December 1, 2018.

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include company name, country and brief description of image. For example, Perfect Mats - Cuba, volunteering in an orphanage.