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2020 Volunteer Interest Form

Please review C4 Events volunteer job descriptions

Important note: To qualify as a volunteer for 2020 you MUST be able to attend the volunteer orientation in its entirety which is before the start of the conference and have availability to work at least 2 full conference days (volunteer orientation and half days do not count as a full day, NO exceptions will be made).  Volunteers MUST also be able to be at the 7:30 - 8:15 AM daily breakfast meeting on conference days. If volunteers are unable to comply to the three following request you will not qualify as a 2020 volunteer. Volunteers will not be performing jobs throughout the day that will interfere with their ability to obtain CE's. Volunteers primary roles at the conference are to assist with scanning attendees into workshops or being the head (key) volunteer who will be responsible for collecting evaluations, making announcements, and monitoring the workshop they are assigned to (details on Key and Scanner volunteers are provided below). All volunteers will need to arrive to their assigned session at least 15 min prior to the start of the workshops.

Key Volunteer:

  • Pick up any paperwork from the volunteer office for your workshop: Handouts – Half-Sheet Evaluations – Key volunteer checklist.
  • As the Key Volunteer your primary duty is to the presenter. Introduce yourself to the presenter and ask if they would like you to introduce them. If yes, please use the bio in the conference onsite guide or on the conferencing app to do so.  Review the key volunteer checklist for other announcements that need to be made. Let the presenter know where you will be stationed in case they need something during the presentation.
  • Check the AV to make sure that it is ready to go. If something is missing or an issue arises, you will need to contact a volunteer coordinator.
  • Make announcements: making sure participants are scanned, handout information, etc. 
  • Complete Key Volunteer Checklist.
  • At the completion of the session, work with scanners to organize half-sheet evaluations. Give yellow copies to presenter and return white copies to the volunteer office with Room Monitor Checklist. **Please note** If you are scheduled as the Key Volunteer in a session immediately following and there is no break between sessions, please delegate this duty to one of the scanner volunteers in your room, be sure they know they need return the envelope to the office.
  • Place evaluations on the participants seats BEFORE the workshop starts and monitor room for AV, temperature & seating issues. – If issues arise, ask Key volunteer to a volunteer coordinator.
  • Make sure all your scheduled scanners are there early to perform their duties. Key volunteers will need to be able to be scheduled as scanners for other workshops if needed. 

Scanner Volunteer:

  • Scan all attendees into the workshop. If an attendee does not need CEs they do not need to be scanned in, but they must be wearing a badge. YOU WILL NEED TO USE YOUR SMARTPHONE IN ORDER TO SCAN
  • Help gather completed half sheet evaluations at the completion of the session - work with Key Volunteer to organize and put yellow copies in the presenter envelope and put white copies in the envelope that is to be returned to the volunteer office. If needed you will need to help key bring that envelope with the key volunteer checklist back to the volunteer office. 
  • Monitor door for badges – If attendee does not have a badge – send them to the registration office for one. If attendee refuses, notify Key Volunteer who will contact the C4 staff.
  • Remain at the back of the room by the door in case anyone arrives late or leaves early and needs to be scanned out. Please either silence your phone or step outside of the room to scan as the scanner noise can be disruptive.
  • Monitor attendees name badges – If attendee does not have a badge – send them to the registration office for one. If attendee refuses, notify Key Volunteer who will contact a volunteer coordinator.

Additional Volunteer Duties:

  • Assist attendees in finding seats. In large plenary or lunch sessions, station yourself around the room to direct people to empty seats.
  • Assist attendees with questions, directions, etc.
  • Assistance in the Exhibit Hall
  • Assist in conference registration office
Essential skills and knowledge for all volunteer roles  roles
  • Enjoy working with the public and possess good people skills
  • Effective listening and communication skills
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Able to be at assigned work station for extended periods (break included)
  • An understanding of the voluntary role and the responsibilities and boundaries it entails
  • A commitment to volunteer at the Conference for a minimum of 2 full days
Dress Code during conference hours (applies to each 2020 conference): 

  • Pants: Slacks, khakis, and corduroys are acceptable. We would like volunteers to refrain from wearing blue-jeans, shorts, sweatpants, overalls, leather, spandex or other form-fitting workout wear.
  • Shirts: Casual shirts, blouses, sweaters, sport jackets, and turtlenecks are within guidelines. We would like volunteers to refrain wearing midriff or spandex tops, printed T-shirts, sweatshirts, muscle shirts, and halter tops.
  • Dresses and skirts: Dresses and skirts are appropriate. We would like volunteers to be mindful of the length and refrain from minis, spaghetti straps, open backs, low-cut, or revealing dresses.