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Pion Survey 2018 - English

Welcome! This is a survey where we try to find out how those of us who sell sex over the internet experience doing so. The survey is being made by Pion (the special interest group for sex workers in Norway) in cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

In this survey, we will be asking some questions that are about unpleasant experiences and/or violence. A few of these questions are going to be about sensitive issues that some people may experience as difficult. All of the questions are voluntary, and you may at any point skip one or more questions or withdraw from the survey.

The survey is anonymized, and you can leave the survey at any time. Many who sell sex have experience doing so in several countries. In this survey, we wish to especially explore experiences here in Norway. Therefore, we ask that you in this survey only report incidents that you have had while selling sexual services in Norway.