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Sports Scholarship Application 2019

TeamUEL Competitive Scholarship

TeamUEL has 5 primary High Performance Sports these are Athletics, Basketball, Football, Tennis and Volleyball.

Competitive scholarships are for individuals who are serious about competing and improving their sporting performance. The scholarships available vary depending on sport and ability. Bursaries are dependent on sport and can go up to £6000 (bursaries can be higher for exceptional applicants), but all successful applicants will receive support services to the value of £1000. This includes:
  • Unlimited physiotherapy and sports massage.
  • UKSCA-accredited strength and conditioning training and private access to scholar Strength and Conditioning facility Aqua East.
  • Active Recovery and Yoga Sessions.
  • Gold membership at SportsDock.
  • Lifestyle and Performance workshops.
  • TeamUEL Leisure and Gym Kit.
  • Access to of sports science support, including nutrition, psychology, physiology, biomechanics.
  • Priority access to on-campus accommodation and the option to stay with other athletes on the programme.
The Competitive scholarships are subject to our Terms and Conditions found on this page. By completing the application you agree with the terms outlined via the link.
In order for us to fully review your application it is advised you complete it fully and to the best of your abilities to ensure you stand the best chance of being awarded a scholarship.
3. Gender
4. Sport *This question is required.
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This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
8. How did you hear about the TeamUEL Sports scholarships? *This question is required.
10. Please specify what level you are studying/or are intending to study
11. What is your nationality?
12. Do you have any current or previous criminal convictions?
13. Have you already applied to UEL?
17. When do you intend to start you course at UEL?
Is UEL your first choice university?
18. What made you choose UEL?
If you were to receive the Sport scholarship would it make UEL your first choice university?
To review whether you are eligible for a scholarship from the Sir John Cass Foundation please answer the following questions (Please tick the box if you are the following)
20. Please state your clothing size
21. Coach reference (we may require this to contact them about your playing history and experience) *This question is required.
Your application will in part be judged based on your highest achievements in sport to date, please ensure you complete the following section correctly or you risk not being considered for a UELSports Scholarship.
Highest Sporting Achievement *This question is required.
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