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2019 Edmund C. Bovey Award

2019 Edmund C. Bovey Award

Business / Arts invites you to nominate an arts individual who has demonstrated a lifetime of significant philanthropy or leadership in arts and culture in Canada. 

The winner of the Edmund C. Bovey Awards will receive the award at the 2019 Business / Arts Awards Gala in Toronto, along with $20,000 to direct from the Bovey Award fund to the arts organization(s) (non-foundation) of their choice.

*Please note, award nominations will be kept on file and considered for three years. If you wish add any supplementary documents to your application in future years, you can do so by contacting, or by resubmitting through this form. 

Information about the individual you are nominating for The Edmund C. Bovey Award
1. Name *This question is required.
4. Address *This question is required.

Information about the arts or business organization making the nomination
8. Contact Person at the Organization *This question is required.
9. Address *This question is required.
To complete this nomination:

All documents must be submitted electronically (with signatures from all required parties). 

1). A nomination letter of no more than 1,000 words that explicitly outlines the following criteria:
  • Candidate's leadership in the arts
  • Time committed to voluntary work for the arts
  • Business expertise actively put to good use for the arts, impact made either to one organization or the sector at large in Canada
  • Money committed to the cause through personal donations and fundraising, commensurate with capacity to give
2). A one-page bio or CV (can be submitted in English and/or French)

3). Letters of endorsement from third parties. Maximum of 3 letters (<500 words each)

Endorsements may be made by: 
  • executive staff and board members of arts organizations
  • business associates
4). Headshot and up to five (5) photos that showcase their impact and involvement in the community (photos should be jpeg/png at least 1500 pixels wide). 
Nomination Letter (<1000 words) *This question is required.
A one-page bio or CV (please submit in both English and French if available) *This question is required.
Letter of endorsement 1 (<500 words)
Letter of endorsement 2 (<500 words)
Letter of endorsement 3 (<500 words)
Headshot *This question is required.
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Nomination deadline is January 31, 2019 at 5pm ET

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.