University of Wollongong Study Abroad and Exchange Program Study Plan Process Spring 2014

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Congratulations on your admission to the Study Abroad and Exchange Program of the University at Wollongong!

Please complete this application to submit your Study Plan for assessment.

Please read the following notes about classes at UOW before submitting your Study Plan:
  • The following subjects are not available for Study Abroad & Exchange students: PHIL305, EDPP102, EDPS202, EDUT302, EDUF304, EDPD101, EDCM201, EDUT312, EDUT211, EDUP255, EDUP256, EDUP355. Some equivalent classes exist. Please check the subject descriptions at this site: to confirm.


  • Nursing classes are restricted to those majoring in nursing at their home institution.
  • Postgraduate classes are restricted to graduate students. Proof of graduation from a Bachelor's degree is required before assessment will be made. If this has not been submitted with original application to the Study Abroad and Exchange Program, please forward it to our office (at the address above or by fax at +61 2 4221 3499) as soon as possible.
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