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Employer Survey - City of Bozeman


The City of Bozeman is sponsoring a study on community housing needs in Bozeman.  We need your help so we can better understand the extent to which the availability of suitable housing for employees may be impacting employers and business operations. This information will be used to determine community housing needs and how to best be addressed them. 

Please respond to the questions below for all business locations of the same type you operate in or near the City of Bozeman.  If you operate more than one type of business in the city, please complete a separate survey for each business type.  If you are a sole proprietor or hire no employees, please respond as applicable for yourself as a business owner. 

All results are strictly CONFIDENTIAL and the responses from individual businesses will not be reported.  If you have any questions, please contact the independent consultant assisting with this study, Wendy Sullivan, at (303) 579-6702 or THANK YOU very much for your time.