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Asexual Communities - A Pilot Study


Asexual Communities - A Pilot Study

Study Briefing

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this study. My name is Ty and I am an asexual identified researcher working at the intersection of the fields of a/sexuality studies and the sociology of the internet. I am currently undertaking my PhD research on a topic of online identity production, looking at the role the internet plays in facilitating people of marginal and stigmatised identities or practices in negotiating difficulties that stem from these identities or practices.

This study aims to give a preliminary sketch of online asexual communities, comparing how members of different asexual communities use these spaces.

This survey is an online questionnaire that contains a mixture of closed and free text (open ended) questions. Wherever there are closed questions you will always have the option to insert your own response. The questions will ask you for some data about yourself, your identity, your participation in the asexual community in general and your activities on particular asexual community sites. It should take between 15 and 45 minutes.

All questions are optional. Some questions are personal in nature and I would not want you answering anything that makes you uncomfortable. You have my assurance that any data collected will be anonymised - nothing will be traceable back to you.

The data gathered from this survey will be analysed in its own right, and demographic data will be combined in a metastudy of demographic data collected by other researchers.

My findings will be distributed primarily by peer-reviewed academic publication, and may be presented at conferences. The communities I cover in this survey will be provided aggregated summaries of the data (grouped into genders, for example), but no raw data or individual responses will distributed.

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