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1. What was the name of the fraternity co-founded by Richard Nixon at Whittier College?
2. Which member of the Nixon administration won a Nobel Peace Prize?
3. Which former U.S. President said, "Nixon is a shifty-eyed goddamn liar. All the time I've been in politics, there's only two people I hate, and he's one."
4. Who was the officiant at Richard Nixon's 1994 funeral?
5. What was the name of the cabin Nixon lived in while attending Duke Law School?
6. How many states did Nixon carry in the 1972 presidential reelection?
7. During the Watergate investigation, who revealed the existence of the taping system in the White House?
8. Which White House staffer was well-known for doodling throughout meetings, and even published a book of his "White House Doodles"?
9. Which White House staffer wrote a book called The Ends of Power, which he later said "isn't very good"?
10. In 1972, President Nixon announced a gift of what kind of animals to the Washington National Zoo?
11. What breed was Nixon's dog, King Timahoe?
12. Where was the "Western White House" located?
13. Who was Nixon's opponent in the 1962 California gubernatorial race?
14. Which multinational beverage corporation did Nixon represent as a lawyer in private practice?
15. Julie Nixon married the grandson of which former President?
16. At Tricia Nixon's wedding, the Marine Corps band played the theme song from what movie?
17. Which White House staffer later became the President of the National Association of Truck Stop Operators?
18. Which staffer was often described as Haldeman's Haldeman?
19. Which staffer was Nixon's personal aide during the 1968 presidential campaign, and was therefore responsible for carrying Nixon's sunlamp?
20. Henry Kissinger dated which former Bond girl?
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