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Resident Registration Form - Retired May 2020

Registration Information

All residents must register with NCOPE before beginning an accredited residency program. Registration is required two weeks in advance of the residency program start date.  Once your registration has been processed, you will receive confirmation of your registration from NCOPE (allow up to 14 business days from the date received).

1. Resident Registration Fee: The registration fee is $1,800.00 dollars for a single-discipline residency (orthotics OR prosthetics) and the registration fee for the combined O&P dual-discipline residency is $3,600.00 dollars.  The payment of the registration fee is required to begin the residency.  This form must be completed anytime a resident begins a new residency program or restarts an incomplete residency program.  

2. General Information/Education: Residents must possess a college degree and satisfy the orthotic- prosthetic educational qualifications as outlined in the NCOPE’s Standards of Accreditation for the Orthotic/Prosthetics Residency Program.

Official Transcripts: Transcripts must be submitted from the college or university which conferred your graduate degree. Transcripts may be sent directly to NCOPE from the school or enclosed in official sealed envelopes mailed with your registration form.  Electronic transcripts from the college or university are will only be accepted when sent directly to  All transcripts must be received within the first 30 days of starting a residency program. For each day beyond 30 days, the resident’s end date will be extended. Transcripts are not official if opened by the resident and student sources/unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.  A transcript is not required if this is a 2nd discipline registration and both orthotic and prosthetic education was completed at the same O&P education program.  

For additional information including the most current fees, eligibility, and requirements please CLICK HERE to access the NCOPE Website.
1. By selecting "Agree", you acknowledge the information provided on this page and understand that residents, directors/mentors, and relevant parties must comply with the NCOPE Residency Standards and NCOPE Policy & Procedure Manual. *This question is required.