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IDEA Health Form

Many lawmakers do not have a line-of-site into the role employers play in driving and supporting innovation in the health care market to manage health care costs. In 2018, to demonstrate employers' efforts in this area, the Council has developed a paper (in partnership with Mercer) and the IDEA (Innovations in Design, Employers in Action) website to profile these important innovations.

Such initiatives include (but are not limited to): focused network solutions, on-site care, health advocacy and coaching and chronic condition management programs.

We would very much appreciate your contribution to this project. Please complete the form below. If we plan to use your story, we will draft a brief summary and submit it to you for review and approval. While we would like to be able to associate company names with their initiatives, submissions can be made anonymous upon your request. (Your contact information will be requested at the end of the submission process and must be completed for us to confirm your entry.)
Consider the most significant initiative your organization has undertaken to reduce health care costs and/or improve quality for its employees.
3. Did you try or explore multiple approaches before implementing this solution?