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Personal Evaluations and Education

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Psy 395

Informed Consent Statement

Personal Evaluations and Education

Psy395 seeks participants to complete a research study to increase our knowledge on the amount of support, or lack thereof, they provide to their variety of students. To participate in this study, participants must be 18 years or older and be currently enrolled in a college or university.

Information: In this study, participants will complete a set of questionnaires regarding personal evaluations and educational standing. The survey will be completed on a computer of your choice.

Risks: Participation in the present study involves minimal risk. Any affects should be brief in nature, for instance, participants might feel frustration as a result of completing the survey. There are no personal benefits to completing this study.

Benefits: The results of this study will not necessarily benefit you directly, but will contribute to our understanding of college and university support systems. Participants may find this study interesting, and we will gladly discuss the basis of the study with them.

Confidentiality: All data will be stored anonymously. All information collected in this study is confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Compensation: There is no compensation for this study.

Contact: Questions regarding the study or procedures are encouraged. Please contact the researchers, Hailey Bransdorfer (, Icee griffin (, or Ellen White (

Participation: Participation in this experiment is voluntary. At any point, participants can elect to end the study and/or refuse to answer any question without penalty. Refusal to participate or termination of participant will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which one is entitled.

Consent: I have read this form and received a copy of it. I have had all my questions answered to my satisfaction. I agree to take part in this study. *This question is required.