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2020 SREB Student & Teacher Survey Order Form

School Information

Instructions: Complete the following form to place your order for the SREB teacher and student surveys being offered online in spring 2020. The contact person and school principal will receive a confirmation email when your order is received and processed. They will also receive administration materials via email prior to the beginning of the survey window. Reports containing the results from the selected surveys will be distributed in an electronic format during summer 2020.

The cost is $500 for each middle grades school, high school or technology center site. For the student surveys, schools may survey all students or a random sample of 60 or more students. For High Schools That Work (HSTW) and Technology Centers That Work (TCTW) sites, 12th graders should be surveyed; for Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) sites, 8th graders should be surveyed. All full-time teachers at the schools should participate. Non-teaching staff (e.g., media specialists, guidance counselors, administrators, etc.) should not be included.

For questions about this order form, contact Rebecca Purser ( or 404-879-5611). 
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