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Acro Camp II Application

Personal Information

This is the application for those wishing to be part of the cast of pilots (the "campers") of Acro Camp (including, but not limited to, Acro Camp II), a movie project being undertaken by Airspeed, LLC. This application is a little on the long side, but that's only because cast selection is probably the single most important part of the project and we want to have enough information to get that part as right as we can. Be sure that you've read the Acro Camp II Announcement and Casting Call at thoroughly before completing this application. It has information you'll need in order to respond fully. There are several "Other" essay boxes at the end of the application. If you're concerned that this survey is not asking you something that you'd like to tell us, please just keep a list of thoughts as you go through and put it in those "Other" essay boxes. There’s a place in the application where you’ll have the opportunity to upload one or more pictures of yourself. Please have the picture(s) ready to go before you proceed with the application. We've tried to make the questions clear and unambiguous, but nobody's perfect. Please e-mail with any questions about this application.
1. Please fill out your contact info:
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3. Gender *This question is required.
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9. Do you have any medical, physchological, or other condition such that, if you were examined by an FAA aviation medical examiner now or on the first day of the camp, you would fail to qualify for at least a US Class 3 medical certificate? (We have no intention of actually having you examined, but the standard for Acro Camp is that you must truthfully certify that you meet at least the requirements for a Class 3 medical, even if you don't actually have one.) *This question is required.
10. Are you particularly susceptible to motion sickness? *This question is required.
16. Pilot certificate(s) and rating(s). Select all that apply. If you're a non-US applicant, please select the item(s) that are the most similar to your foreign certificate(s)/rating(s). *This question is required.
18. Please tell us about your flight experience. Approximations are okay. *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
21. Affiliations (check all that apply). *This question is required.
22. Military service (check all that apply). *This question is required.
23. Number of times you're attended a major aviation gathering like Sun 'N Fun, AirVenture Oshkosh, AOPA Expo/Summit, Sebring, Paris, etc. *This question is required.
25. It is said that every pilot should have in mind three favorite aircraft: One to go fast, one to go slow, and one to go upside down. It is also said that a pilot's "three aircraft" constitute a useful window on the pilot's soul. Accordingly, tell us the three aircraft in your dream hangar. Assume that money, training, pilot skills, regulations, etc. are no factor, but that the aircraft must be fully operable within the Earth's atmosphere (e.g. no dedicated spacecraft, please). *This question is required.
27. Please identify the podcasts that you consume (check all that apply). *This question is required.
28. Please identify the social media tools that you use. *This question is required.
33. Check all that apply to you. *This question is required.
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