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Munch & Move 2020 Healthy Menu Planning Workshop

Expression of Interest: 2020 Munch & Move Healthy Menu Planning workshops

The Munch & Move Healthy Menu Planning Workshops provide free training in healthy menu planning for cooks and directors/nominated supervisors working in centre-based early childhood education and care services across NSW. The workshops are based on the Caring for Children: Birth to 5 years (Food, Nutrition and Learning Experiences) resource and provide practical knowledge, skills and tools for menu planning, recipe modifications and label reading.

To register your interest in attending a Munch & Move Healthy Menu Planning Workshops in 2020, please fill in the survey below.

Please note:
  • 2020 Healthy Menu Planning Workshops are in planning phase and not yet secured. Your expression of interest does not guarantee you a place in the workshop but will ensure that you are notified when a workshop calendar is released.
  • Workshops will only be available to services that are trained in Munch & Move. If your service is interested in becoming trained, please click HERE for information on the Munch & Move program training.

All information collected in this survey will remain confidential and will only be shared with your local Munch & Move support team and workshop organizers.
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