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What are you willing to pay to get the list of 16 pricing questions?

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Did you miss the questions from last week?

Are you in the process of pricing your product or learning more about pricing frameworks?

You now can get the list of questions. Just the list of questions, presented in no particular order. Nothing more - no explanations or ways to answer these questions.

Name your price - P in the form $X.YZ I will pick a random number R from 1.00 to 4.

If your price P is less than the random number R. Sorry you should have taken the time last time.

If your price P is more than the random number R. Congratulations, you get to buy at the price R and not at your stated higher price. Add your email, I will send you instructions.

Enter your price including dollar and cents (e.g., X.YZ) This question requires a valid number format.
You do not pay now, only agree to pay. Will mail you the details on how and when to buy the article. This question requires a valid email address.
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