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Choose John's Next Ten Greeting Cards

The Survey

1. Hello and welcome to my survey to help me choose the winners of my Great Greeting Card Contest!

Please quickly fill out the following and then choose your images. Note that I'm not keeping or storing any of this information, it's strictly going to be used for this survey to help me determine the best new cards. Thank you!
2. Ok, onto to some stretching and yoga poses to warm you up. The tightest category in the Facebook voting was the Black Bears. Can you please click on the TWO photos below that you would most likely buy if you saw them on my greeting cards (Hey, I didn't claim it was an EASY warmup!): *This question is required. Please select from the following images.
3. A slightly easier question (perhaps). Which of these finalists of the Canmore Three Sisters photos would you be likely to buy as a card (you can select from 0 to all 3 - note that this not a required question, so skip it if you wouldn't buy any of them)? Please select from the following images.
4. A quick look at some winter card options. Which of the following would be a winter card that you would likely buy (select from 0-3, please): Please select from the following images.
5. Ok, here's where the really, ridiculously heavy lifting begins (I'm kidding!).

There are 32 images here to choose from, yet I'm only going to be doing 10-12 new cards. So I need you to go through these and simply click on each one you REALLY, REALLY like. In fact, click only on those photos you think you might buy as a greeting card, whether it's 3 picks or 23 (and for those of you that don't buy a lot of cards, like me, be as ruthless as you need to be -- i.e. be picky!).

Each time you click on a photo, you'll notice that a green checkmark goes into the top left corner of that image (you can also click to unselect a photo and take away the checkmark).

Have fun and click away! *This question is required. Please select from the following images.
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