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Student Involvment @ Long Beach City College Spring 2011 Office of Student Life

Please complete the following questions and select the best answer based on your level of participation and student involvement on campus.

1. Which of the following opportunities offered by Long Beach City College - Office of Student Life - have you participated in:
2. Currently, which campus are you predominately enrolled as a student:
3. Current Enrollment Status:
4. How much time do you spend on each of the following on an average week:

For questions 5 - 6 please rate how satisfied you are with each item here at Long Beach City College by circling the best response.

5. Tell us about your experience of getting involved.
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeitherSomewhat dissatifiedVery Dissatsified
Getting Involved in Student Clubs & Organizations
Getting Involved in Campus Activities
Attending Cultural Events on Campus
Participating in Volunteer Programs in the community
Participating in Intramural/Recreation Activities
Serving on Associated Student Body
6. Please recall your experience(s) through your participation in the Office of Student Life activities this year and provide your answers the following.

Now that I have participated in Office of Student Life programs:
Space Cell Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeutral/Don't KnowSomewhat UnsatisfiedNot At All Satisfied
I have confidence in myself and my abilities.
I have competence to accomplish my goals.
I am comfortable speaking in public.
I am comfortable with all aspects of my identity (e.g., positive feelings about my body and appearance, gender, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, and socio-economic status).
Manage my emotions (e.g., feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, shame, guilt, caring, optimism, pessimism, and inspiration) in order to be a productive member of the leadership team.
Identify tactics for solving problems.