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316-001-000 SMC Walk Bike

2. Understanding the types of places our community members would like to bike to will help us prioritize bike projects. Rate the destinations below to tell us how likely you are to bike to key destinations in your community, if there was a safe and connected bicycle network.
Space Cell Very unlikelySomewhat unlikelyNeutralSomewhat likelyVery likely
Trails and parks
Libraries and community centers
3. Understanding your bicycle network priorities will help us focus our implementation efforts. How would you like the County to focus on improving the bike network? Let us know which is most important to you: 
4. Different communities have different needs and preferences for walking facilities. Do you want sidewalks in your community? Please indicate your preference by selecting one of these options:
5. Similarly, different communities have different needs and preferences around the type of walking facilities. Which of these facilities would you like to see in your community for walking?
6. Would you like to answer a few demographic questions to help us understand who is responding?
7. How did you hear about this online open house?
7. Do you identify yourself as (Please select all that apply)
7. What is your approximate average household income?