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We hope you found this educational offering both interesting and informative. Your anonymous responses will be used to plan future educational activities.

Note: If you want a certificate of completion or continuing education credit, you must complete this evaluation and the subsequent certificate registration screen.

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2. How satisfied are you with this learning activity? *This question is required.
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3.  As a result of this learning activity, how has your knowledge on this topic changed? *This question is required.
Improved a lotImproved a littleStayed the sameGot worse
4. As a result of this learning activity, how likely are you to make a change in your practice? *This question is required.
Why are you unlikely to make a change? *This question is required.
5. Within 2 weeks of participating in this training, I plan to communicate with at least one professional outside of my discipline in order to support comprehensive patient care. *This question is required.
6. Do you feel by participating in ECHO, you have greater social support for the work that you do? *This question is required.
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This activity met my educational needs
This activity met the stated objectives
The educational materials were useful
This activity used appropriate learning assessment to gauge my learning
The speakers were effective in their presentation and included active learning
Overall speakers rating
Following participating in this ECHO session has your ability to: *This question is required.
Space Cell Improved a lotImproved a littleStayed the same
Describe best practices for telemedicine visits and how they can be implemented in your particular setting
Discuss new protocols for coronavirus testing and sample collection that can be used in your practice setting
Explain how your practice setting can implement policies and procedures to protect the health of providers and patients