Indoor gardening survey - Reduce your carbon footprint!

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This voluntary survey is intended to help identify the variations in energy and water intensity of indoor agriculture operations as a function of factors such as technology and climate. Share your data and we'll show you how your facility compares to others. The results will help identify best practices for minimize energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions.

In exchange for your efforts, we will calculate and confidentially provide your water- and carbon footprint, plus other useful metrics.

To get meaninfgul results, be honest and accurate in the info you provide.

Watch this space for an anonymized summary of results.

Your results will be posted together with this code that only you know, so you can see how you compare.
Size of cultivation area *This question is required.
Feel free to combine multiple rooms if the production environment is similar. Otherwise, just return to survey and create a separate entry for each room.
Method *This question is required.
Cycle duration (excluding clone) *This question is required.
For drying, only include number of days for which energy-using equipment (fans, dehumid, etc.) are used.
Cycle duration (excluding clone) *This question is required.Days
Irrigation water use (for entire room)
Waste water
Power source *This question is required.
Power source *This question is required.primarysecondarynone
Energy use
This is the most important information in the whole survey. Be sure to EXCLUDE use for ordinary living areas. Enter zero ("0") for rows that don't apply. Enter values TOTAL values (for the entire cycle - veg through dry) OR break it out by stage if that's easier for you. In the "How often?" columns, enter the period of time covered by the numbers to the left. For example, this could be "per day", "per week", "per month", "per year" or "per cycle". Per cycle is very much preferred, but use whatever is easiest and most accurate. If reporting brief periods during the cycle, avoid particularly high or low use periods, or average them together.
Energy useTOTAL (amount)TOTAL (how often?)Vegetative (amount)Vegetative (how often?)Flower (amount)Flower (how often?)Drying (amount)Drying (how often?)
Electricity (kilowatt-hours) *This question is required
Propane (gallons - include use for generators) *This question is required
Natural gas (therms - include use for generators) *This question is required
Diesel (gallons - include use for generators) *This question is required
Gasoline (gallons - include use for generators) *This question is required
Electric Lighting *This question is required.
Electric Lighting *This question is required.Total wattageHours per dayNumber of lights
Vegetative stage
Flowering stage
Sealed room (100% air recirculation)? *This question is required.
Energy uses & equipment
Energy uses & equipmentDuring vegetative stageDuring flowering stageDuring dryingNever
Oscilating fans
Fans in lights
Room air supply fans
Room air exhaust fans
Air conditioner
Space heater
Sulfur vaporizer
Water heaters (including submersible)
Well pumping
Ozone generator
Reverse osmosis
CO2 - purchased tank
CO2 - propane burner
Carbon filters/scrubbers *This question is required
HEPA filters *This question is required
Greenhouse/daylighting *This question is required
We use this info in order to look up the average carbon emissions per unit of power produced in your state. This is essential info for calculating the carbon footprint results.
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