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Pledge to Take Your School Global - Spread the Word

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Take a moment and tell your friends, family and class about the pledge to take your school global and ask them to make the pledge with you and others from around the globe. You can also post about the pledge on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons to the right.




Hey there,

I just discovered a great new campaign called "Pledge to Take Your School Global" and thought you'd love it. 

It's really simple: The campaign calls for teachers, student and parents to pledge to take a single action this year to connect students in their schools with other classrooms around the world.

I just submitted my pledge - will you consider pledging too? It takes less than 30 seconds.

Click here to visit the Pledge to Take Your School Global

Take the pledge, and help me get the word out! So many great things can happen when students from all different corners of the globe can learn from each other. I'm really glad I pledged, and hope you will too.

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