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RP Pulse

Pulse of the Month: PIER to PIER wants to hear from you!

Dear IRPE Community,

RP Pulse will now update monthly as a way to facilitate broad information-sharing and knowledge in ways that help support the needs of the IRPE field.

We are so thrilled that our PIER to PIER series has been met with such great interest and enthusiasm. Until now, we at the RP Group have been keeping an ear to the ground to come up with topics we believe may be of interest. Now, we are turning the question to you!

We hope you will take the time to complete this 2-minute survey to indicate your interest in a variety of topics we are considering for upcoming PIER to PIERs. Further, if you have experience with any of these topics that you'd be willing to share at a PIER to PIER, we'd love to know that too.

Thanks in advance!

1. Our Questions For You:

Which of the following topics would you like to see in an upcoming PIER to PIER?
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Do you have experience with this topic?

Check the leftmost box if you would like to see this topic in upcoming PIER to PIERs. Separately, check the rightmost box if you have experience with this topic (regardless of whether you checked the leftmost box).

Feel free to use the 'Enter another option' fields to suggest more topics!
Space Cell I am interested in learning more
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I have experience
with this topic
that I would be willing to share
IRPE office roles in campus diversification efforts and analyzing HR data
Leading courageous conversations around equity and anti-racism (e.g., course outcomes by faculty and disaggregating by student populations)
Streamlining IRPE workload to meet growing demand for information
IRPE book club: What we are reading and why it matters
What data and information colleges are using to inform and assess Guided Pathways implementation
How to effectively engage in shared governance committees and processes
2. Are you an Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness professional at a CCC?