Carshare Alexandria! Resident Request Form

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The City of Alexandria provides a monetary incentive to encourage residents to use carsharing services available in the City. Please complete the following to request reimbursement for membership fees associated with joining Zipcar or Enterprise Carshare. 

Please keep in mind that you will be asked to fill out a quick follow up survey approximately nine months after submitting this form.
Through Carshare Alexandria!, the City of Alexandria's Division of Transportation Planning will reimburse residents for annual and membership fees for first-time memberships. Usage fees, future member fees, and requests received after 30 days of signing up for a carshare membership are not eligible for reimbursement. For residents and businesses signing up for Enterprise Carshare for the first-time the City will reimburse usage fees up to $95 for the first 30 days of membership.
8. Which Carshare Company Did You Join?

A copy of your membership reciept/payment confirmation (Zipcar Members) or usage invoice (Enterprise Carshare Members Onlymust be sent to -

EMAIL: geralyn.taylor@alexandriava.gov, or
FAX: 703-746-3298, or
MAIL: Local Motion, ATTN: Geralyn Taylor, 421 King Street, suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314

14. Which mode(s) of transportation do you currently use to commute to work? (Check all that apply. For example, if you walk to a Metro station, please check both "walk" and "Metrorail"). *This question is required.
15. Will becoming a member of a carshare service allow you to use a specific type of transportation more regularly? *This question is required.
16. Do you currently own a personal vehicle(s)? *This question is required.
If yes, what do you plan to do with your vehicle(s) once you begin carsharing?
The average City of Alexandria resident averages 12,139 miles per year
18. Please indicate how you will send your carshare membership confirmation of payment *This question is required.