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AHPBA School of Equitable Research Webinar

AHPBA is pleased to offer this educational webinar free of charge to members and non-members.

School of Equitable Research – Welcome to Class!
Monday, September 21st at 5:00pm - 6:15pm EDT (New York)

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Moderators: Timothy Pawlik MD, PhD, MPH; Susanne Warner MD; Allan Tsung MD
AHPBA’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
AHPBA President, Timothy Pawlik MD, PhD, MPH; The Ohio State University
Susanne Warner MD; City of Hope
Importance of Diversity and Equity in Clinical Trials
     Introduction | Allan Tsung MD; The Ohio State University
Presenter | Darrell Gray MD, MPH; The Ohio State University
Hiring and Supporting a Diverse Staff
  Introduction  | Toms Augustin MD, MPH; Cleveland Clinic
  Presenter | Sofya Asfaw MD; Cleveland Clinic
Mentorship and Outreach

     Introduction | Michael Lidsky MD; Duke Health
  Presenter | Linda Cendales MD; Duke Health
Efforts toward inclusion in patient advocacy
  Introduction | Timothy Pawlik MD, PhD, MPH; The Ohio State University
  Presenter| Melinda Bachini; Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation
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