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Minnesota 3M PFC Settlement - Questions for the Public

Survey Questions

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Each option in the Conceptual Plan has been developed to fund projects that are reasonable and necessary to achieve the purposes and goals of the Agreement.

The first and highest priority for Grant funding under the Settlement is to enhance the quality, quantity, and sustainability of drinking water in the East Metropolitan Area. The goal of Priority 1 is to ensure safe drinking water in sufficient supply to residents and businesses in the East Metropolitan Area to meet their current and future water needs.

To address the highest priority under the Settlement, the Co-Trustees and Work Groups formulated the following long-term goals for drinking water quality, quantity, and sustainability:
  • Provide clean drinking water to residents and businesses to meet current and future needs under changing conditions, population, and health-based values (HBVs)
  • Protect and improve groundwater quality
  • Protect and maintain groundwater quantity
  • Minimize long-term cost burdens for communities
Given the purpose of the Settlement and the long-term goals:
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2. Do you believe Option 1 is acceptable?
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