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ILC Volunteer Application

Integral Leadership Collaborative - Volunteer Program Information and Application

Please take a few minutes to indicate you interest, experience, availability, and preferences to help us identify the best use of your time and skills in the service of the online conference. We believe that Integral Leadership has the capability to address some of the urgent and intractable problems facing our communities and society at large. Thank you sincerely for your interest in this cause. A note about registration: If you apply for a volunteer position and do not end up getting accepted, you will have a small window to register for the conference after normal registration is closed.
3. Given the international nature of this event, much of our work is will be asynchronous (online). However, there will be nine live events each week during the conference. These will be at 12pm CST, 4pm CST and 8pm CST every Tue, Wed and Thu during the four-week conference. Please indicate which of these times are convenient for you based on your availability (and your own time zone). *This question is required.
Work Preferences
5. Please indicate the type of volunteer work that is most appealing to you. *This question is required.
Relevant Knowledge, Experience and Skills
8. Some of the volunteer roles involves preparing content for the conference. These roles require computer skills such as MS Word, MS Powerpoint, or even light graphics skills. Please indicate below your skill level for each (1 is very low, 10 is very high):
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