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Standing Committee Chair Scope and Progress Report - Final 2012

Scope Document

Introduction: We created this scope report form for the standing committee chairs to make it easier for you to report on your activities, goals and achievements. At the first time you have to fill in the first part, e. g. your contact details, what are your goals and planned activities. For a regular reporting which was required by a resolution at the congress in Helsinki, you only have to change the point no. 5 (in blue). This minimises the work for you as much as possible. The presidents office will download your reports regularly and will add your changes to their report of your committee. And they will remind you, if no updates are made. This will make the work of your committee towards the goals of BPW visible and transparent for all our members. Thank you for your contribution and regular updating.
This question requires a valid email address.

Members appointed

If you have already members appointed, please indicate their names and emails here:

If you know members who are passionate and committed to your topic you can indicate their names here (if possible with email, so that we can contact them):
What skills or team members would you additionally need for your committee?

Scope and objectives

Please describe briefly the broad scope and objectives for your Standing Committee.

This might be the: Broad Purpose and objectives, Defined Outcome, maybe some comment on the tactics or strategy

(Two to three paragraphs would be sufficient).

Focus of activities *This question is required.

All our BPW activities should focus on one of the following topics:

  1. Membership: attracting, retaining and/or developping members
  2. Economic empowerment for women
  3. Empowering women in leadership, power and decision making roles

Please select one out of the following points to classify the focus of your activities.

How will you measure your achievements?

What measures must be achieved, what are your targets? Please indicate them briefly.

Do your activities refer to the WEPs? *This question is required.

The WEP's Women's Empowerment Principles are the framework we are using to focus our efforts during this triennium. (if you need more information about the WEPs, download the flyer from our website.)

Please select the WEPs (up to three) that suit best to the focus of your activities or Standing committee.

As some of our activities are focused exclusively on attraction and retention of members, that might be an alternative selection, if the WEPs don't fit.

Tools or programsDo you have or are you developping tools or programs that can be rolled out to other levels? (you can select more than one option)
7. Resources and Risks *This question is required.


Will funding or finance be required for your activities?

We already have or plan to have funding from: ( e. g. Sponsorship | Government | NGO grants | Fundraising |or others.)

What have you achieved during the past 1 or 2 months towards your objectives. Please indicate only significant or high profile activities.

Please report in this field regularly your activities and achievements.

10. Final Statement *This question is required.Please declare the following when you submit this Standing Committee Scope Document to BPW International: The information provided in this form is true and correct at the time of submission. Any documents referred to in this Scope Document will be sent to the presidents office. I will update this information regularly as requested.
Do you have any questions or remarks on this scope document? Please let us know what can be improved or changed.
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