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Kinneil Estate and Foreshore

The Friends of Kinneil Survey

Thanks for taking part in this survey. Your views will be used to improve local services and facilities in Kinneil Estate and Foreshore. The information will only be used by The Friends of Kinneil and its partner agencies, principally Falkirk Council, Falkirk Community Trust and Historic Scotland.
1. Think about Kinneil Estate and the Foreshore (the area previously occupied by the former Kinneil Colliery). Tell us which of the following features / facilities you use?
5. New things. If funds were available, which of these improvements would you specifically support
6. Would you like to get involved with The Friends of Kinneil or estate/foreshore projects - or at least get more information on future projects?
8. Can we contact you regarding the comments you've made in this survey?
9. Would you like to be kept up-to-date about community events and groups at Kinneil Estate and Kinneil Foreshore? (Make sure you give us your contact details if you would.)
10. Please tell us a little bit about you
11. How many people are there in your household in the following age groups?
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