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The Modern Meeting Standard - Anonymous Meeting Feedback Tool

This tool was created to facilitate honest feedback in an attempt to improve the way we hold meetings. I hope you'll use this tool to give (or receive) brutally honest constructive criticism, or well deserved glowing praise. If you want to find out more about the genesis of this survey visit
Don't worry we'll respect their e-mail address. We hate SPAM. These survey results are the only e-mail they'll receive. This question requires a valid email address.
Your honest, but respectful feedback is appreciated here.
4. How do you feel about the number of meetings the individual being evaluated holds?
5. How would you rate his or her meetings in response to the following questions?Of course 5 stars indicates a very positive response, 1 star indicates a very negative response.
Space Cell Rate the following
Are decisions resolved effectively?
Is time managed well?
Are meetings engaging?
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