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Recruitment Technology Report


The Recruitment Technology survey will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. The survey is strictly confidential. Information collected will be presented in the aggregate only. Provide your email address at the end of the survey if you wish to participate in the lucky draw to win two free passes to
1. What best describes the type(s) of recruitment system/software you currently use?
3. Overall, how satisfied are you with your current recruitment software?
4. What do you dislike about your current recruitment system?
5. What other software, other than your main system, do you use to recruit/track candidates?
6. With regarding to recruitment software, what best describes your current situation. Please choose one from the following:
7. Our organisation plan to implement a new recruitment system
8. What brands come to mind when you think of buying a new recruitment system?
9. What factors are important to you when choosing a new recruitment software? (Select all applicable) *This question is required.
10. How do you normally find out about a recruitment service or product you wanted to purchase? *This question is required.
14. Role This question requires a valid currency format.
This question requires a valid email address.