Adventure Swimming Contest

What's Your Adventure? Win $500 towards your next swim.
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Adventure swimming is the act of swimming in or across a body of water where excitement, drama, uncertainty or risk are inherent elements to consider. It may also be a swim of extreme lengths and time where the distance and duration are relative to each individual. Adventure swimming can begin on land, piers, pontoons, jetties, breakwaters or boats, in oceans, lakes, bays, estuaries, reservoirs or rivers. An adventure swim can be embarked upon with or without the use of aids of any sort (e.g., fins, wetsuits, paddles, technical swimsuit, flotation device, shark cage, protective wear) and may be conducted under any set of rules or course design. Adventure swimming is attempted for personal reasons - adventure, new experiences, memories, records, history or promotion (either self-promotion or promotion of a charity, issue or cause). It may also be a solo effort or a relay (group) exploit or a Stage Swim. Adventure Swimming is self-created and self-designed. It is about going beyond limits, exploring abilities, experiencing the world through swimming. It is blazing new paths in oceans, lakes, and rivers just for the simple reason of adventure. "Adventures can and should be different for everyone." B.C.
My name is Jamie Patrick and I am an Adventure Swimmer. My love for the water has brought me all over the world. I find peace in the water. I have created and lived many adventures at water level. I swim to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Every time I get in the water the adventure is different. What is you adventure? The Adventure Swim Contest has been created to assist people around the world to live their swim dream. The winner will be chosen based on your answers below. A panel of three will evaluate each entry. The winner will be awarded $500 towards their next Adventure Swim plus a Finis SwimP3. There are no rules to follow just your passion that leads you to the water. Do you want to swim the English Channel or do your first open water swim? Do you want to experience swimming with dolphins or be the first to swim across the neighborhood pond. It is your adventure to create. The money may be used for travel to your adventure swim, swim lessons to prepare or anything to help you accomplish your dream Adventure Swim. Everyone is eligible! - except for those that have been on any of my Adventure Swim crews. Life's and Adventure - Swim it!!!!
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11. Are you willing to share your story leading up to and after your Adventure Swim?
13. Please upload any photo that you feel will help us understand who you are.
14. Adventure Swimming and open water swimming can be dangerous. Proper training, support and preparation is essential. Do you understand that Jamie Patrick and any of his sponsors and supporters are not responsible for planning, preparation, safety, or outcome of the winners Adventure Swim.
Entry forms must be submitted by Friday November 4th, 2011. The Adventure Swim Contest winner will be announced on The Daily News of Open Water Swimming on Friday November 11th, 2011. What is your next adventure? Check out my next Ultra Adventure Swim For questions please email Jamie Patrick at