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GDOT SRTS Safety-focused Report Application 2016

Application for Technical Assistance to Prepare a Safety-focused SRTS Report

Because safety is a common concern, the Resource Center is offering assistance to 3 or 4 schools to complete a Safety-focused SRTS Report. The Safety-focused SRTS Report identifies projects to design, build and begin using for walking or bicycling to and from school that both capture short-term opportunities (within 1 or 2 years) and longer term needs (within 3 to 5 years).

This year, the application for assistance to develop the Safety-focused SRTS Report requires more information than required for past years' applications for technical assistance. The full application is due by September 29, 2016.

Click here to download a pdf of the application to use to gather the needed information.

Do I need to complete the entire application at one time?
You do not need to complete the application in one sitting.  There is an option to save your work and complete it at subsequent sittings.  This feature, called Save and Continue, is shown at the top of each page.  Click "Save and Continue Survey Later" at the top of the page and enter your email address or the email address of the colleague to whom you wish to forward the application. SurveyGizmo will then send a message to the email address you provided with a link allowing whoever clicks it to resume the application where you left off.

What do I do when I’m done completing the application?

Simply click the "Submit" button at the end of the profile.  

If you have questions about this application, please call the Georgia SRTS Resource Center hotline at 1.877.436.8927.