American Indian College Fund - Native American Leaders Quiz

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1. A leader of one of the country's largest nations, this individual is considered the greatest American Indian leader of contemporary times.
2. In 1950, this individual was named the greatest athlete of the first half of the 20th century by the Associated Press, having claimed Olympic gold in a number of track events and scoring big in professional team sports.
3. Four years after this individual was named president of Sinte Gleska College on the Rosebud Reservation, it became the first fully accredited reservation-based institution of higher education at the bachelor's level. Shortly afterward it became a university.
4. In treaty negotiations, this individual acknowledged the duty of the current generation to provide for seven subsequent generations, an idea that ultimately became a cultural touchstone for Native Americans.
5. This individual brought an American language back from the brink of extinction by founding an immersion school to teach the White Clay language to young people.
6. A determined champion of Native American rights, this person led a 15-year effort – through seven legal trials, 10 appeals, and constant pressure on the U.S. Congress – to secure the largest government class-action settlement in our nation's history on behalf of more than 300,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives.