Face-to-Face Vs Social Media

Willingness to Participate
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Statement of Willingness to Participate:

This project focuses on your perceptions of communication and related issues. You will be asked to share your views on communication with members of the research team from the University of Tennessee. Our interest in this project is how you communicate in face-to-face and social media situations.

There are no physical or psychological risks involved in your participation. Further, your participation is strictly voluntary. Should you feel uncomfortable for any reason, you may discontinue the survey at any time without penalty. Subjects may refrain from answering any question they are uncomfortable with.

The results of this project will be confidential; no one will be able to associate responses or other data with individual study participants. Your participation in the project after you have read this statement signals your willingness to participate. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

If you want more information or are interested in the results of the study, please contact:

Jenelle Jones
School of Communication Studies
University of Tennessee
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