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Caregiver Needs Assessment on Skill Sets

Please select the skill sets you would like to have additional development on by clicking in the box to the right of the skill set statement. Please select those that might be of the highest priority.
922 - Role On the Child Protection Team
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922-01 Ability to effectively work with caseworker and other agency staff
922-02 Ability to assist with the achievement of case plan goals
922-03 Ability to effectively function as a member of the child protection team
923 - Developmental Issues in Maltreated Children
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923-01 Ability to recognize indicators of healthy development
923-02 Ability to recognize and respond to potential developmental problems
923-03 Ability to enhance children's development
923-04 Ability to promote healthy sexual development in children
923-05 Ability to adjust parenting style to better care for a child who has been maltreated
924 - Attachment, Separation and Placement
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924-01 Ability to recognize effect of insecure attachment
924-02 Ability to help children maintain attachments formed prior to placement
924-03 Ability to help children develop healthy attachments
925 - Constructively Managing Children's Behavior
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925-01 Ability to determine the influences on children's behavior
925-02 Ability to manage children's behavior
925-03 Ability to use the appropriate form of discipline for the child and the behavior
926 - Promoting Placement Stability
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926-01 Ability to adjust to the impact of caregiving
926-02 Ability to cope with ongoing stress related to caregiving
926-03 Ability to develop and maintain supportive relationships
926-04 Ability to help children adjust to caregiver's home
926-05 Ability to prevent family crisis in the caregiving home
926-06 Ability to resolve family crisis safely in the caregiving home
927 - Cultural Foundations
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927-01 Ability to recognize the impact of culture for a child and family
927-02 Ability to interact with children and their families in a culturally supportive way
927-03 Ability to help children resolve issues related to cultural differences
928 - Primary Families
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928-01 Ability to support contacts between children and their primary famlies
928-02 Ability to work with primary families towards permanency
929 - Permanency Option For Children In Care
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929-01 Ability to assist the child welfare team in achieving the most appropriate permanency goal for the child
929-02 Ability to determine if adoption is an option for the caregiving family
941 - Building Self-Reliance, Resilience and Independence In Children
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941-01 Ability to help children and adolescents develop skills and relationships needed to thrive in adulthood
941-02 Ability to provide support to adolescents/young adults as they prepare to live on their own
941-03 Ability to help the emancipating youth locate resources and networks
941-04 Ability to help the emancipating youth find suitable independent living arrangements
942 - Care for Adolescents Who Are Pregnant or Parenting
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942-01 Ability to provide care to pregnant adolescents
942-02 Ability to provide care to parenting adolescents
943 - Care for Children Who Have Been Maltreated
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943-01 Ability to care for a child who has been sexually abused
943-02 Ability to care for a child who has been neglected
943-03 Ability to care for a child who has been sexually abused
943-04 Ability to help child victims of sexual abuse resolve emotional and behavioral problems
943-05 Unique considerations for caregivers who are caring for sexually abused children
944 - Caring For Children Who Have Sexually Abused Others
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944-01 Ability to provide care to children who have sexually abuse other children
944-02 Ability to provide a safe environment for all members of the caregiving family
945 - Caregiver Training on Family Safety
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945-01 Ability to maximize safety of family member in the home
945-02 Ability to recognize when personal safety may be at risk
946 - Providing Care To Children Who Have Fragile Medical Conditions
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946-01 Ability to provide care to children who have fragile medical conditions
946-02 Ability to help the child and family member cope with emotional reactions to the medically fragile condition
946-03 Ability to participate as a member of the treatment team for a child with a fragile medical condition
947 - Caregiver Training in Managing Placement Transitions
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947-01 Ability to assist in reunifying the child with this primary family or kinship family
947-02 Ability to prepare a child to leave the caregiver's home and join her adoptive family or next caregiving family
947-03 Ability to help the child re-join the family after reunification fails
948 - Promoting Post-Adoption Family Stability
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948-01 Ability to make the transition from caregiving family to adoptive family
948-02 Ability to cope with the ongoing stress related to adoptive parenting
948-03 Ability to resolve issues of infertility
949 - Enhancing Children's Connections
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949-01 Ability to work with siblings of children in care
949-02 Ability of foster and kinship caregivers to work with primary parents and extended family members to promote permanence and well-being for the child
949-03 Ability to talk with placed or adopted children about their history and birth families
949-04 Ability to manage a range of openness in caregiver and adoptive placements
949-05 Ability to help children search for birth family members
950 - Legal and Ethical Issues for Caregivers
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950-01 Ability to participate in juvenile court hearing for foster or kinship children
950-02 Ability to protect oneself from legal liability and defend against allegations of wrongdoing
951 - Coaching and Mentoring Primary Families and Other Caregiving Families
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951-01 Ability to plan and conduct coaching and mentoring to help primary families and caregivers increase their knowledge and skills
952 - Preventing Placement Disruption
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952-01 Ability to help children adjust to caregiver's home
952-02 Ability to help build relationships among all children in the home
952-03 Ability to detect early signs that a placement is breaking down, and to take action to save the placement
980 - Caregiver Training on Written and Verbal Communication
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980-01 Ability to write clear and accurate caregiver reports for the case record
980-02 Ability to communicate with the family and community members
981 - Caregiver Training on Culture and Diversity
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981-01 Ability to work toward cultural competence
981-02 Ability to understand families from diverse cultures
981-03 Ability to understand issues of refugees or immigrants
983 - Caregiver Training on Developmental Disorders
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983-01 Ability to provide care to children with developmental disorders
983-02 Ability to obtain assessments, treatment, and services for children who have developmental disorders
983-03 Ability to identify developmental disabilities in adults
983-04 Ability to support parents with developmental problems
984 - Caregiver Training On Gangs and Cults
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984-01 Ability to care for youth who are involved in gangs and cults
985 - Caregiver Training on Human Sexuality
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985-01 Ability to help children and adolescents with the development of a healthy sexual identity
987 - Effects of Adoptive Parenting and Caregiving on Families With Diverse Structures
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987-01 Ability to manage caregiving as a single parent
987-02 Ability to manage roles of parent and spouse/partner
988 - Caregiver Training on Substance Abuse
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988-01 Ability to recognize signs of alcohol and drug abuse
988-02 Ability to work with parents who abuse drugs or alcohol
988-03 Ability to provide care for children who abuse drugs or alcohol
989 - Self-Care for Caregivers and Adoptive Parents
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989-01 Ability to organize time to complete caregiver tasks
989-02 Ability to take care of personal stress often found with caregiving
990 - Caregiver Training on Health Issues
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990-01 Ability to recognize illnesses or conditions in children
990-02 Ability to care for children with an illness or medical condition
990-03 Ability to help children and adolescents obtain treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)
993 - Caregiver Training on Domestic and Family Violence
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993-01 Ability to recognize the signs and impact of domestic violence
994 - Caregiver Training Meeting Children's Educational Needs
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994-01 Ability to support children in regular school settings
994-02 Ability to advocate for child's fair treament in school
994-03 Ability to help the child cope with the stresses of school and encourage continued education
994-04 Ability to ensure children in care receive special educational programs, services, and accommodations, as needed
994-05 Ability to help teens apply to colleges or universities
995 - Caregiver Training on Mental Health Problems
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995-01 Ability to provide care to children with emotional, behavioral, or thought disorders
995-02 Ability to recognize and respond to indicators of mental health problems in children
995-03 Ability to provide a therapeutic environment for children with mental health problems
995-04 Ability to identify mental health problems in adults
995-05 Ability to provide a therapeutic environment for children with mental health disorders