Rifidi Community Product Roadmap

Transcends, the Lead Contributor to the Rifidi Platform, is in progress of planning our next major release. We are reaching out to the Rifidi Community to provide input to our roadmap by completing the following survey. The survey should take no more than a few minutes (<10 questions) and will be valuable in helping us provide more value to the RFID Open Source Community
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1. What industry best describes you [select one] *This question is required.
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2. What business/technology challenges are you looking to address with Rifidi?
3. What environment(s) are you planning on using Rifidi? [select all that apply]
4. What service offering(s) would you be most interested getting with Rifidi? [select any that apply]
5. What solutions would you like to see on the Rifidi Product Roadmap [select any that apply]
6. What features are most important to you in the next release of RIFIDI?
8. What best describes your role: [select one]
9. How did you hear about Rifidi? *This question is required.
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